Hello! My name is Amy Glover, I am twenty-two years old and live in Melbourne, Australia.

My aspiration is to become a published author but I want to work in many different facets of the book industry. I have a Certificate IV and Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing.

I write YA fantasy novels and my biggest dream is to publish my stories for a living. That’s what I am working towards and when I am not being distracted by Netflix or a new book, I am working on my stories! If you are ever interested in seeing my writing feel free to follow this link to my Portfolio page!

I started my Tumblr blog (AmyWritesXO.tumblr) in late 2014 and have been posting reviews, photographs and writing updates over that time. In 2017 I decided to branch out and start a brand new, professional blog!

My vision for this blog is to really focus on my own writing and connecting with people through writing. I want to start updating a lot more about my writing process. I love giving tips and tricks on writing and just chatting about the experiences I have.

I also want to post my book reviews and other cool posts such as my Writer’s Little Helper posts and my Bookstore Appreciation Posts! I definitely want to post more of these in the future!

Now a few more things about me!

1: I love coffee! I’m one of those people that orders an Almond Latter, please don’t judge me.
2: One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to study writing at Melbourne Polytechnic.
3: I work at Robinsons Bookshop!
4: I worked at a Thai Restaraunt for almost 7 years!
5: I have travelled to Thailand, the U.K, Bali, and a bunch of places in Europe and America.
6: My birthday is October 22nd which makes me a Libran!
7: I’m a big fan of Halloween but I’ve never been Trick-or-Treating.
8: I live in Melbourne, Australia! In my humble opinion, this is one of the best cities in the world. So vibrant, artsy and accepting. I adore Melbourne.
9: My favourite books include, May Bird and the Everafter, Six of Crows the entire Raven Boys series and anything by V. E Schwab.
10: One of my books is over 150,000 words. I call it The Monster.

Thank you so much for coming by! I hope you stick around.
-Amy xo

Blog Account: @amywritesxo