Amywrites 2019 Goals


Hello! Another mini hiatus unfortunately befell my little blog, but 2019 is a new year and a new chance to keep this machine running!

I want to keep writing reviews here, plus some new posts about writing that I have planned but I also want to give a nice quick mention to my Instagram account. I really think Instagram is a fantastic way to engage and becuase so many people already use it, it seems smart to be active on it!

My Instagram account is the same as the blog, AmywritesXO. It’s up and going right now and you can find all my reviews, photos and writing tips over there! So if you’re already an Instagram user it’s as easy as pie to stay updated.

Please don’t think this site is dead, it certainly isn’t, but posts may be slower to come out. They’ll be worth it though! I’m definitely going to focus on quality over quantity and I’m super excited to see what this new year will bring.

So, in summary, more posts are coming and they’re going to be better than ever. In the interim, head over to Instagram and follow AmywritesXO for all your bookish needs!

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