AmyWrites: Novel Journal Four!

Novel Journal!

I’ve never been much of a journaler. I always forget to continue journaling and end up with heaps of unfinished journals. For my university class, Novel 2, I have been keeping a journal and it’s been such a learning curb for me.

My little journal is a great place to keep all my ideas and to write down inspiration. I try and do a little bit each week to help keep me interested and inspired.


Page 7-

Page 7 is dedicated to another idea for a story. We discussed in class the concept of the Hero’s Journey and we had to write a story based on Joesph Campbell’s structure. My story was an apocalyptic story set in London. Such a fun piece to work on and it’s definitely an idea I am hanging onto for the future. To keep myself interested in journalling, I try to make the pages pretty and use different typography for fun!


Page 8-

This page is just a quick little title page. I tried to use some different fonts and arty branches to make it look nice. I really find doing these pages fun and inspiring. When I’m not in the mood to write, I sit down and journal my ideas, even if it’s just a quick page like this.


Page 9-

A favourite page of mine! I LOVE doing these character pages. These pages help develop the characters and explore them. I make every character page unique to the character and also have a couple similar points. Niamh is such a cool character. She has a big personality and a bigger heart. She’s bi, has a love for baked goods and a passion for witchy things! If you’d like more information on Niamh, I have a full Character post all about her! GO HERE to check it out.

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