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Social Media is a great tool for writers, both new and established. Social Media allows us to connect with other writers, to our favourite authors and to a possible readership. It’s a great tool (and maybe a hindrance) but it’s a bit of fun too. I love following other writers on social media, especially established writers and today we’re going to chat about some of my favourite social savvy writers.

Notable work: The Illuminae Files and The Starbound Trilogy.
Socials: Twitter: @AmieKaufman & Instagram: @AmieKaufmanAuthor

We share a name and a country (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!) but those aren’t the only reasons I love Amie Kaufman. She posts great, informative Instagram stories on a pretty consistent schedule. She chats about writing, in the general sense and from a more personal point of view too. Also her dog is super cute so I’d follow just for him!


Notable Work: Radio Silence, Solitaire and I Was Born For This.
Socials: Twitter: @AliceOseman & Instagram: @AliceOseman

Alice! What a sweet bean. She’s the youngest author at only 23 and she is very present on Social Media (God bless the millennials). Alice seems so sweet and her writing is amazing. I read Solitaire and really liked it. I think her Youtube channel is one of the greatest places for young writers to go. She has a great knowledge of writing and a really honest way of talking about the process. Her The Book Diaries series was interesting and really helpful. Her most recent video was about writing marginalised characters and I can confirm I took notes. I would definitely recommend following Alice, she’s aesthetic AF.


Notable Work: Brace for It and Broken Beer Bottles.
Socials: Twitter: @JasmineCenci & Instagram: @j.cenci

I have so much love for this girl. Jasmine is a friend of mine who is really carving a path for herself as a writer! She has self-published two books with a third on its way! She’s witty and funny and has no filter but she’s worth the follow. I see big things in her future and you guys should be there to see it all happen!


Notable Work: The Raven Cycle, The Shiver Trilogy and All The Crooked Saints.
Socials: Twitter: @mstiefvater & Instagram: @Maggie_Stiefvater

Maggie is a writing QUEEN to most young and aspiring writers. Her Twitter and Instagram are filled with fun writing anecdotes and advice. Maggie also has an incredible Tumblr presence. Her connection with her fans through Social Media is great, she’s accessible and friendly while still keeping her Stiefvater-ness. I really admire her as a writer and love to be able to follow her process through Social Media.


Notable Work: Vicious, Shades of Magic series and Monsters of Verity Duology (as Victoria Schwab).
Socials: Twitter: @veschwab & Instagram: @veschwab

Victoria Schwab is my current favourite person ever. I’ve been keeping up with her Twitter lately because she’s been having some very #realatable writing drama that I’ve been living for. Her honesty and humour are 10 outta 10 and she has been tweeting pure fire at the moment.


Notable Work: Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom and The Shadow and Bone trilogy.
Socials: Twitter, @LBardugo & Instagram: @lbardugo

Leigh Bardugo is Witch Queen of Instagram. She’s a fascinating person and I want to be her best friend. Follow her for no other reason than to see her pretty face and admire her soothing voice, you won’t regret it… Oh and she’s a fantastic author with great world building and crazy characters, so there’s that too.

So those are my recommendations for writers to follow on Social Media!

I have just realised that this list is made up of women… but I won’t apologise, I’m a big fan of these ladies. If you have any recommendations for writers I would be following on Social Meda, let me know!

Oh, and one last thing. I’m also a writer on Social Media and you should 100% be following me: INSTAGRAM: @amywritesxo and @amyglvr. Hit me up! I’m super friendly and love having new pals.

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