Bookstore Appreciation Post – Readings, Hawthorn.


This post has been in the making for a while! Apologies for my hiatus, uni stress and WordPress media issue got the best of me. But here we are, back with some more Bookstore appreciation!

This gorgeous bookstore is nestled in the heart of Hawthorn, in Australia. It’s a fantastic spot and one that I would visit very often during my days at university. My friends and I love to wander through the shelves and look at all the gorgeous covers. If you follow me on Instagram (@amywritesxo), a lot of my Book Tour stories were filmed here!

Why shop at Readings?

Readings is packed with books. The store is filled with lovely dark wood shelves with the bright colour of books lightening the space. The staff are all very friendly, they’re always so happy to help you out. I’ve found so many gorgeous copies of different books, a lot of great editions of Classics and all the newest books. They also boast a music section and heaps of DVDs of your favourite shows.

The YA section is a little lacking, there are only two shelves for YA, but they do have recent releases and copies of popular books. And the children’s area is really nice! If you have kids and are looking to get them into reading I would totally recommend you check out Readings, Hawthorn because they have a wonderful children’s book area! There are really beautiful covers in there, all your favourite childhood books plus more recent ones too!

The pricing at Readings, in general, can be a little steep in comparison to the bigger chain bookstores and even Target and Big W, but I think it is so important for us to be supporting local bookstores. Readings has been a staple bookstore in Melbourne for so long, it would be devastating if it ever had to close it’s doors. So if you’re willing and able, shop at Readings! They’re always helpful and friendly and can order in books if they don’t have what you’re looking for. And they stock really cool bookish knick-knacks, like mugs, notebooks and tote bags which are great presents for friends or for yourself.

There’s also a cafe attached to Readings, Hawthorn that I love! It’s very cute and tiny, sometimes hard to get a table, but the aesthetic is so cool. I’ve only ever had coffee but their food looks great too! The cafe is called Supernova and it’s the perfect place to stop after you’re done in Readings!

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