Bookstore Appreciation Post – The Strand Bookstore, NYC.


Dreams come true in New York City and for me, that was visiting the iconic Strand Bookstore!

Apologies for the average photos, as you can probably tell we were caught up in some cold weather and taking these photos was really hard with frozen fingers!

I loved this bookstore. We went to the flagship store on Broadway. It was cute and cosy and the perfect spot to spend a winter day. This is a huge bookstore, it’s one of the things they boast about. The vibe of the place is amazing, it’s welcoming and open with rows upon rows of books. I could honestly not believe how many books there were. And the bookshelves are so tall, they tower over you as you wander through the place and it’s like being trapped in a magical maze.

The Strand was stockpiled with so many great books. I picked up some great books, including Paper Girls, Howl’s Moving Castle and more. Their wide selection of books isn’t even the best part. Their prices are so good! While in America I’d shopped at some Barnes and Nobles and in comparison to the Strand Bookstore, their prices were so expensive. I got some great bargains on the books I bought. I also got a super cute pin, two tote bags and a magnet.

So if you ever find yourself wandering the streets of New York City, don’t hesitate in visiting the Strand! This bookstore deserves support and you’ll get a wonderful experience in return.

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