Character Aesthetic, The Witches of Belle River: Archie West


OK, you caught me. Aesthetic collages are my favourite things to make!

This collage is dedicated to Archibald Jonathon West, a major player in The Witches of Belle River.

Archie was born in Mexico, raised mostly in Dallas. When he was 12, his family moved to Belle River. His dad is a lawyer and his mother is a school teacher.

Archie is the biggest music nerd. He can play the piano, trombone, saxophone and guitar. Sax and guitar are his preferred instruments. Most people expect him to become a professional musician and assume that is his dream. In reality, he wants to be a music teacher. He loves to teach others.
Archie will listen to every type of music, nothing is outside his taste and he can find the importance and beauty in all kinds of music. I’ve been searching for inspiration on what Archie sounds like when he sings. At the moment THIS is my best find. It’s not exactly what I imagine and I’m starting to feel that he probably has a more raspy, acoustic

He isn’t a fluent Spanish speaker but he can understand it and tries to speak Spanish with his family because it makes his mum happy.

Archie loves long drives where he can blast his music and unwind. It’s his stress reliever. He drives a really crappy old car that he paid for himself. He really works hard for the things he has like his parents taught him to.

He is Olivers best-friend. The two of them met in Sophmore year of high school but didn’t become best-friends until junior year when Oli helps Archie pass maths.

Archie has a girlfriend, her name is Louisa. She is very sweet but also a very strong young lady. She knows what she wants in life and won’t let people put her down. I really like writing these two together. They’re super supportive of each other and I love that.

So that’s a quick over view of Archie. He’s a very cool dude and I love writing him.

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