Character Aesthetic, The Witches of Belle River: Claire Durant


Claire Elise Durant: my Queen Bee, the REAL witchy bitchy of my novel The Witches of Belle River. Claire is a subdued person, but she has a feisty soul that comes out to play when she needs it.

About Claire:

Claire is the most powerful of my three girls but she isn’t in tune with her power when the novel begins.

She lives in the Belle River Manor, her family’s home, with her bestie Niamh and her cousin, Emilie! These girls are her closest family, the family she chose really. Her mother is dead and her father is absent in her life, but this is an important plot point that I won’t spoil!

Her best friend Niamh pushes Claire to get back to her magic. Niamh is very supportive but also knows her friend well enough to realise she is blocking herself in a toxic sort of way.

Claire has long, light brown (practically blonde), wavy hair that she usually doesn’t bother to style. She wears glasses to read, she is not a big fan of her glasses but she is a big fan of reading. Studying and growing as a person is something Claire finds very important. Claire’s room is filled with books and she loves to go to her mother’s attic to look through her books as well.

Claire is super smart but can be a little bit cold to people and come off as a real bitch. This is a way for her to protect herself.

Her favourite colour is YELLOW! Which is why this collage has a yellow tinge to it.

Writing this character:

Claire was initially my main character and main POV. I spent a lot of time focusing on her as a person. When I started writing I found her boring to write because she was closed off. When I introduced Oliver and she was able to open up more, I found her very fun to write. She definitely brings a lot of drive to the plot.

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