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I made this aesthetic collage for my sweet darling Niamh and I thought I’d introduce you all to her a little better! (A lot of this info isn’t going to be in the story but it’s the background work I’ve done for the character so I thought I’d share it!)


Niamh Reynaud is a seventeen-year-old Witch! She is one of my main three witchy girls in my new novel The Witches of Belle River.

Her grandmother, Marie, was a Voodoo Priestess and although Niamh didn’t carry on the title she is still super powerful and knowledgeable because she was taught by her grandmother. She helps out a lot of her grandmother’s old clients and is always willing to assist people.

Her mother, Elisha, lives in New Orleans and owns her own bakery, Mamma Marie’s. This is how Niamh came to have a huge sweet tooth. She was raised on baked goods, her favourite being chocolate chip cookies.
Her dad, Andrew, is a hoot and a half. He works as a bank manager during the week and does stand-up comedy on the weekends because he thinks his dad jokes are amazing.

Niamh was raised in Belle River and stayed there after her mother left. She lives with Claire at the Belle River Manor and works part-time in a coffee shop.

Niamh LOVES to give people weird nicknames cos it makes her laugh when they get confused/don’t understand why she’s calling them weird names. She is obsessed with cats and will legitimately drop everything to say hi to a cute kitty. She is bisexual and pretty damn proud of it too!

I’ll be uploading a few more things like this to show off my darling characters! I really love doing these types of posts. This piece was originally published on my Tumblr! I am moving across some posts to WordPress but if you would like to follow me on Tumblr as well you can find me @AmywritesXO

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