Companion Novels – Unravelling The Universe of a Story


The Universe of a novel can be never-ending. Think of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Verse, started with the books in the Shadow and Bone trilogy and continued in the Six of Crows duology. What started in three books, extended into two more books which further explored the expansive world that Bardugo had created.

I’m low key (read high key) obsessed with verse stories. I love the idea of dipping in and out of the same world, exploring it every time with new characters.

That’s why I love writing companion novels. I want to stay in the world I’ve created but venture into another part of it that can only be seen by certain characters.

Shadow Man

Last year I wrote a short story called ‘Shadow Man’. ‘Shadow Man’ is set in the same universe as my novel ‘The Witches of Belle River’ (TWOBR). I added little easter eggs in both books, mentioning characters and other familiar ideas that run in both stories. I adore this story. Even though the original short story is finished, I often go back and write more pieces for it. I’d love to make it a proper companion novel for TWOBR. You can read a little more about Shadow Man -HERE-.

Recently I came up with a new companion novella idea and it got me so excited. I love seeing how I can incorporate little easter eggs and tidbits from TWOBR into this story.

Saint Savannah

This story has the working title ‘Saint Savannah’. The novella, set in Savannah, Georgia, follows the lead character Sage St. Vincent who arrives in Savannah with the travelling circus that her parents own. It’s an early idea but I really enjoy further exploring the life of witchy/magical characters and I really love the fire and old-world magic that Sage has. This novella will be about Sage connecting with a girl named Celeste. It will also, of course, be about ghosts and magic!

Future Miss Temple Novella

I’m also thinking about a short story based on one of the most fun and quirky characters of ‘The Witches of Belle River’. Miss Temple is one of the stand out characters of the book. She’s a little eccentric and definitely her own person and I’d love to do a novella set in the late 80s or early 90s where Miss Temple is young and just starting to work out who she is. I think it would be so much fun to write and I’d be able to explore the life of Claire’s (TWOBR lead character) mother too.

I’m sure that I will always write this way. I become so invested in a story and universe and all the characters so I really love being able to revisit the same world again and again. There’s so much to explore in a novel beyond the first story and I find that really exciting. I’m sure I’ll write another blog post on future companion novels, so if this is your jam too, make sure to subscribe.

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