Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017


I love the Goodreads Reading Challenge. It’s fun and motivates me to try and read more each year, but it also makes me feel a nice level of guilt whenever I fail to reach my goal. So this year, I’m lowering my goal substantially.

I only want to read 20 books in 2018 and here’s why.

In 2018, I only want to read 20 books. I’d even be proud of myself if I reached 15! It’s not because I’m sick of reading or don’t want to write reviews.

It’s because my focus this year is writing. Solely, 100% on writing. I’m giving myself the advantage of not feeling guilty for not reading. It may sound kind of dumb, but reading guilt is a thing and it can be crippling. So instead of getting sucked into a 50 book reading challenge and hating myself for failing, I’m setting a goal of 20 books and reminding myself DAILY, that it’s OK to not read 100 books in a year. It doesn’t make me less of a book blogger or a bad reader.

Of course, I’m not cutting out reading completely, reading is just as important for a writer as writing is, but I’m going to allow myself a lot more leeway. Sometimes when you have a goal you have to make some sacrifices to reach it. I have some great books lined up to read, including Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vices and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee.

I will still be reviewing books and be very active on my Goodreads so don’t fret! New reviews will be coming your way soon.

If you have something you want to focus on and you don’t want readers guilt, set your goal low and achieve it! If you read more, good on you! If you read less, that’s OK!! You’ve got years ahead of you to read. The Goodreads Reading Challenge isn’t there to make you feel bad, so don’t let it.

Tell me below what your goals are! I want to know 🙂

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