I Finished My Book (Well, Nearly)


This is a follow up/update to my previous post The Final Dash – Finishing The Witches of Belle River. Read that first, and then head back here!

July 1… Well, it was my set deadline for finishing my current WIP, but life got in the way and this deadline was pushed back to August 2 due to a very unforeseen eye injury.

It’s funny how these things happen. I think in hindsight my body had been warning me of its impending strike for a while before it actually happened, but I ignored it and pushed on.

Then the eye injury struck, leaving me unable to write (among other things) for the majority of June. This put into perspective how much it means to me to be able to sit down and work on my book, and how much I took for granted my general health (and use of two eyes!) It was infuriating to have set this deadline for myself and to be unable to reach it. But it also highlighted that I had placed a lot of pressure and stress on myself in the first half of 2019 and I needed to take a break.

a very flattering image of my eye patch

So I reset my due date to August 2 (a Friday, so that I had a weekend off afterwards before diving back into editing!)

The Witches of Belle River – Draft One

And that is how we have ended up here, with the exciting announcement that I actually DID finish The Witches of Belle River on Friday the 2nd of August, 2019.

The Witches of Belle River – Draft One

I started this book sometime in July of 2016. The whole idea stemmed from the movie The Skeleton Key (yes, the one with Kate Hudson) and from there Claire, Niamh, Emilie, Oli and Archie grew into characters I love so much it’s a little scary.

Seeing it *ACTUALLY* finished after all this time is mind-blowing. It’s not the first book I’ve finished, but it feels like the first book that I’ve finished to a level where I can already really see its potential.


Of course, finishing the first draft does NOT mean you have a totally finished novel (although I bloody wish it did!). I’m in the next stage of writing, which is rewriting, something I’ve never really tackled on this level.

I printed a gorgeous copy of TWOBR at Officeworks (shout of to Officeworks for having the SOFTEST paper). It’s all professional and bound and now has a multitude of scribble marks and notes all over it.

So this may be the beginning of a new REWRITING DIARIES, where I actually rewrite a book successfully! I’ll try to post more regularly to the blog regarding this, but please head to Instagram to check out more regular posts!

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