I Went To America!


In December of 2017, I went to America with my bestie, Georgia! This trip was a year in the making and one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Los Angeles

We started our trip in LA for two days and even though it was winter the weather was glorious! We went on a Hop On, Hop Off bus and got to experience Santa Monica Pier. We walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and ate an obnoxiously big meal at the Hardrock Cafe.


The next stage of our trip was a Topdeck tour,  Roadtrip USA, which took us from LA to NYC in 27 days! This was incredible. Tours like this are real experiences, lots of bus/travel time and very quick visits to each spot but I would definitely recommend it for first-time solo travellers or people who want to travel without worry! It’s also great if you’re travelling with the goal of making heaps of friends! That is definitely achievable on Topdeck tours. We had a great group of people who we loved hanging out with and made some great friendships.

We had some absolutely mind-blowing moments on this tour. We visited the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, got to party out in Miami and drive along Route 66. This trip was next level but I really wanted to discuss a few highlight moments that have helped refuel and inspire me for 2018.

On our tour, we had the chance to visit a bunch of US states, Texas, Louisianna and Georgia among them. These states were some of my favourites.


In Texas, we visited Austin and experienced the famous bar Coyote Ugly and a delicious Creme Brule grapefruit! The best part of witnessing the Cathedral of Junk which is an incredible piece of architecture created all from junk! We also went to San Antonio which was a surprisingly amazing gem on this trip. We really didn’t know what to expect of San Antonio but the gorgeous canals and River Walk exceeded our expectations. This place was gorgeous and fun, a really energetic and safe nightlife.


Louisianna was my most anticipated spot! Of course! Our time in New Orleans was life-changing and refilled my passion and inspiration. I was able to gather a lot of research for The Witches of Belle River, including heaps of photos of the gorgeous French Quarter and the experience of walking through Saint Louis Cemetery Number 1. I fell in love with Cajun food, Gumbo is incredible, and I stuffed myself with beignets on the daily. We also had a super fun night of partying at our very own private Bourbon Street Balcony. Ten outta ten NOLA, you did good.


Oh boy, Georgia. Southern state, southern charm. Savannah was a gorgeous introduction to southern culture and welcomed us openly. I loved this city so much. I was shocked by how gorgeous and quiet and just fun Savannah was! My favourite part was the aesthetic. Gorgeous old homes and oak trees covered in Spanish moss. I was able to really stock up on inspiration for the aesthetic I want for The Witches of Belle River. I also loved the pub crawl we took part in. We got to ride around on a moving bar and had to pedal while we drank! This was so much fun and really tested us after a few drinks.

New York, New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! We ended our trip and 2017 in good ol’ New York City. Walking the streets of New York is an experience in itself. I loved the energy and pace, there were so many things to do and it really was a race against time to see all the sights. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, ate bagels and waffles, went up the Empire State Building and shopped our hearts out. New York was fun and vibrant and just possibly the coolest place to start off a new year. I was so happy to be able to go to the Strand Bookstore (Follow THIS LINK to a Bookstore Appreciation Post dedicated to the Strand!!) and witness its beauty.

Travel Bug

So America, thank you for the memories. I’ll be forever grateful for the time I spent with George, making new friends and experiencing new places. I’ve grown as a person because of this trip and have come away with a stronger confidence in myself and my abilities, as well as a refuelled passion and heaps of inspiration for a new year of writing. I’m also so excited for where my next journey will take me. Travel is something that fuels my creativity and I’m so eager to head off again soon!

Have a trip planned? Tell me about it in the comments!

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