Music From The Witches of Belle River


I’m not musical in any way. I can’t sing very well and I can’t play an instrument. I did try to learn to play the drums for a year in primary school but it really didn’t stick. Despite my musical inabilities, I love music so much.

Music was always a part of my household when I was growing up and the appreciation for music that I learnt as a kid has followed me into adulthood.

My writing is fuelled by music. I have always created playlists to accompany my writing because I need it for inspiration. Writing The Witches of Belle River has been no different.

I want to break down my novel playlist, which you can check out on Spotify by clicking THIS LINK. There’s quite a lot of music in this playlist, 9 hours and 52 minutes worth! But every song has a purpose and all of them inspire me to push on through the writers block.

Southern Gothic

My playlist for this book began with a LOT of southern gothic style music. Think ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals or ‘Work Song’ by Hozier. This style of music really inspires the cultural landscape of the novel. It’s set in Louisiana, in a town called Belle River. This blues-inspired music suits that perfectly and helps me centre myself in Belle River with the characters.

Witchy Songs

Next, there’s a lot of straight up Witchy songs, because the novel is all about witches… duh. Songs like ‘I Wanna Be A Witch’ by Teen Suicide and ‘I Put A Spell On You’ by Annie Lennox. These are just fun songs that get me pumped! I really like these songs because they’re really great for working on scenes because they’re very cinematic.

Songs I Like

A lot of the other songs just remind me of the characters or are just in there because I like them in general. Some examples are:

‘Julia’ by Soran is how I imagine Archie singing.
‘Who Are You Really?’ by Mikky Ekko makes me think of the antagonist of the story.
‘Where Is My Mind’ by The Pixies is Oliver’s song.
‘I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)’ by The 1975, just cos I like that song.

And ‘Chinatown’ by Wild Nothing is the song that’s playing when Claire and Emilie return to Belle River.

I love this playlist and what it brings to my writing process. It’s really my way of unravelling the novel and placing myself in the world.

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