This is a portfolio of work I have created in the last few years, displaying my ability to write fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Overcoming Artist’s Block: Posted on April 17, 2018

I like to think that I’m a good writer, and not because my prose is effortless, or my characters leap from the pages — although I do hope those things are true. I like to think I’m a good writer because I write.
I write as often as I can — in notebooks, on my laptop, in my head, wherever. I write novels, lists, sometimes nonsense that helps me make sense of what I’m feeling.
But sometimes I can’t write.

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Under One Sky: November 13, 2017

While we spoke together, Michael showed me his hometown of Kassala which borders Eritrea and is settled on the banks of the Gash River. The landscape is gorgeous and vibrant, a reflection of its people.

It was when she was standing under this tree that she heard a sound and when she looked up into the branches a tiger stared back at her. The two stared at each other for a tense moment and then Rebecca just walked away, a little frightened but unharmed.

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The Witches of Belle River: WIP 2017-

The streets of Belle River, Louisiana were quiet. The sleepy town was settled in between a bayou and an old highway, blanketed in history and built on the bones of people long gone. The main street ran like a vein up the centre of town, lined on each side by creole townhouses. Old and haunted, they loomed like silent guardians.
In the two years since Claire had left Belle River, nothing had changed. The Post Office was still painted an ugly yellow colour and the same people walked the streets, waifs and drifters that had settled in the town for the same reason Claire’s family had, for a fresh start. And life had come full circle, it seemed, as Claire had come back searching for a fresh start of her own. 

The Soldier & The Spy: 2017

The war ended as it began, loudly. The streets were filled with party-goers who sang and danced in celebration. They spilled from their homes in waves of old, cloth dresses and military uniforms with big smiles on their faces, memories of the war already pushed to the backs of their minds. Theo felt a pang of envy. He’d prayed for this day ever since the war began but now, in the sad, dusty September light, his heart ached. Pushing his dark black hair off his face, he replaced the hat that had been clenched in his fists. His uniform felt tight, the collar squeezing against his neck, choking him.

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Once Bitten: 2017

“I’m not scared,” Elliot bit out. He was lying but sometimes he could lie so well he even fooled himself. He couldn’t fool Ronan. The older man’s eyes were sparkling with laughter. He saw through the bravado.
“You probably should be.” Ronan stepped toward Elliot and grabbed his wrists, tugging him closer. Elliot breathed out shakily, his eyes never leaving Ronan. They both paused for a moment, Ronan’s eyes staring deeply into Elliot’s. It made Elliot uncomfortable. He opened his mouth but was cut off as Ronan swooped in.  Elliot felt two hands reach up, one circling the back of his neck and drawing him in closer. His breath was knocked out of him as a sharp pain ran up his neck.

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