**I strive to avoid spoilers in my reviews but sometimes they can slip in without me realising. Please be warned that if you read the full review there may be small spoilers for the book. Thank you**Hello! I have a brand new review here today and it’s for Cress by Marissa Meyer.

This is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles!

Cress follows on from the previous book Scarlet and we are introduced to the titular character, Cress. She’s been seen before in the previous books but now she really comes into focus. Cress is a crazy smart tech genius. She’s the Rapunzel inspired character in the series and she absolutely kicks ass!

This was probably my favourite story in the series because I really love Cress. I think she’s so exciting and adorable and I just really loved her sweetness.

This book keeps with the similar cast of characters.

Kai and Cinder are still around (and so precious omg) and Scarlet and Iko are still being amazing.

But for me, the standout characters have been Thorne and our titular character, Cress. Thorne is a sarcastic little shit and I adore him and then to put him and Cress together into a story was just spectacular. The juxtaposition of their personalities was so fun to read.

I love Cress’s more innocent personality. I think it’s clear from the beginning that she’s really smart and intelligent but because she grew up in a shuttle in the middle of space, she’s lacking a lot of experience. This is one reason I loved her with Thorne because I think he takes life for granted and being with Cress brought him back down to Earth again.

I found the plot of this book a bit more exciting than I found Scarlet. It was exciting and fast paced and really moved the story along nicely. I think that because this is the second last book in the series, things have really started to pick up the action in the story.

So many exciting things happen throughout the story, a lot of the plot is developed and we really get to explore more of the world the series is set in.

I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. I think that the characters are amazing and I’m really enjoying the plot. I also really enjoy Meyers writing style!

I’m sorry it’s an average review! I honestly loved this story but I left it nearly three weeks before writing this review and my brain’s been so swamped this week so I’m really sorry but I have a review for Winter coming in two weeks which will be a big improvement! Thanks, guys!