**I strive to avoid spoilers in my reviews but sometimes they can slip in without me realising. Please be warned that if you read the full review there may be small spoilers for the book. Thank you**

I’m so filled with emotions after finishing this book!

Undoubtedly this has become a favourite series/duology for me! I loved every part of Crooked Kingdom and I’m craving another book with my darling Kaz at the lead.

If you aren’t aware of this duology (where have you been for the past year???) then let me catch you up!

Six of Crows is a YA book by Leigh Bardugo the follows the Dregs, a group of naughty kiddies who run around and cause mischief… OK so that’s a super simple version BUT I have a review up already for Six of Crows if you need more information!

Crooked Kingdom is the second book in the series and follows on from the events of Six of Crows. Kaz and his gang have been double-crossed and are working to get back what the deserve!

Holy shit what a ride. I expected this book to be fast paced and filled with so much action that my heart would burst from my chest! And although heaps went on, and I was enthralled the ENTIRE time, this book was a lot slower to read that Six of Crows. Now, I think a bit of this comes down to the fact I love these books and really didn’t want them to end, so I read it slowly, but there’s also a lot of behind the scenes fiddling that goes on, which means that the final ‘battle’ is SUPER epic and So sososoosososo satisfying that, while reading this book on the train, I forgot to get off at my stop, but also means that the reader just plods along, a little unawares for some time.

Plot-wise, I was so invested. I couldn’t get over how slippery it all was, every time I thought Kaz and the gang were ahead, they got pulled back, but then I was completely taken aback by the ending and SO loved how Bardugo wrapped everything up. It was such an excellent read and a great plot that I felt gave all the characters a moment or two to shine!

To me, the highlight of this series is its characters. The diversity and mixture of characters makes for such a fun, interesting story. You can tell that Bardugo has put so much time and effort into crafting her characters. They all have insane backgrounds that are so developed and strong, I could honestly read the autobiography for all of them (PLEASE WRITE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY FOR KAZ!)

Kaz Brekker, our leader, Dirty hands, the true King of the Barrel in my humble opinion, is totally my favourite character. I absolutely love how he is written, he leaps off the page and holds a dear spot in my heart. I like Kaz because he’s the anti-hero and I love that Bardugo doesn’t try to redeem him, or turn him into he good guy, he remains true to his character the entire way through the book and I really loved that. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean he’s the bad guy the whole way through but that’s because he’s not really a bad guy, he’s got a lot of good in him.

Inej absolutely shone in this story. I loved scenes where she was matched against Danysha, a new character to the story, because they had such an interesting dynamic!

Her scenes with Kaz were always gorgeous and littered with this soft tension that really makes their relationship one of my biggest OTP’s.

Jesper and Wylan…. That’s all I have to say really. I want more Jesper and Wylan. <3 And Matthais………. I’m still reeling with everything that happened in this story guys but I NEED more of these characters in my life.

OK, I know this review was just me spouting on about how much I’m in love with this duology but honestly guys, Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are two of my biggest recommendations for the year. There’s pure magic in these two books and I think everyone should give them a shot! An easy, and well deserved, 5 out 5!
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