REVIEW: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee


**I strive to avoid spoilers in my reviews but sometimes they can slip in without me realising. Please be warned that if you read the full review there may be small spoilers for the book. Thank you**

Finally a new review! I’ve been so, so slack with my review writing but this was a book I couldn’t ignore.

Today I’m reviewing The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. If you’re into pirates, historic settings and crazy adventures then this is going to be your jam.

The novel follows our very crazy and fun protagonist Monty who is about to embark on a ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ with his best friend Percy and sister, Felicity. It’s a total wild ride from start to finish but there is so much heart and a

The characters are the first thing to discuss. The cast of this novel all standout.

Monty is a party boy, very frivolous and maybe a tad self-centered. He has a massive crush on Percy and a very complex relationship with his father. I think it was so interesting to follow the story from his POV. His sexuality is definitely not acceptable for the time and he certainly isn’t someone who follows orders if they don’t suit him. Monty is endearing and soft and you want to cuddle and love him even when he’s being a bit of a tool.

Percy is a champ. I loved him so much. Again, he isn’t ‘normal’ for the setting of the novel, a dark-skinned boy raised by a wealthy family. I really liked how Lee brought up the stigma and racism of the time and showed how Percy dealt with it. I also loved that Percy was able to look out for himself and knew the way to handle situations where his skin colour was making him the brunt of negative attention. And the fact he would put Monty in his place if he ever tried to ‘save’ Percy. There was no white saviour in this book. There are also some other things that go on with Percy that made him such an amazing, three-dimensional character.

And Felicity. I think Felicity was an awesome character. She’s a bookworm with a love for medical textbooks and often throughout the book comes to the rescue of her brother and Percy when they’re injured. I’m also super excited because Felicity will have her own book out soon too! It’s called ‘The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy’ and after reading this book I can’t wait to experience more of this world and especially more Felicity!

I really think the layers of all these characters is the standout of the novel. They’re so rich with detail and you can connect with even the most irrelevant characters.

The plot is fun and takes the readers all over Europe on a true journey. I was really invested in the plot. It had a whimsical and light-heartedness to it but also had deeper and more exciting parts too.

I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars! I would definitely recommend it to readers looking for an adventure, there is so much fun and life in this book I think so many people would enjoy it.

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