Starting Fresh: Killing Your Darlings & Starting Over


A while ago I wrote about rewriting, click HERE to read that post. In the time since that post, I haven’t made much progress in rewriting my novel. In fact, I only really got about two chapters in.

I went on a holiday and gave myself a long break from writing. This also gave me time to reflect. I decided that I couldn’t just rewrite what I had, I needed to fully strip back this story and start fresh.

How to Start Fresh:


A lot of my tips from the rewriting blog post are still relevant! I’m starting off this process with a big reread of my original manuscript. This will allow me to find parts I love from the original story and to enter back into the world. I really haven’t gone over this book in a long time, probably since I wrote it in 2013, and so rereading the original will be very helpful.

Be Brave:

I’m starting over with this story and it’s a little scary and a little sad. Twisted Fates is a book that I wrote in a little over a year. The story flowed out of me and I was unbelievably proud when I wrote ‘The End’ on the last page of the manuscript. Now I’m back to square one, starting over and that’s hard. But I’ve gotta be brave and take this in my stride. This is going to be hard but it’s going to be so worthwhile.


When I first wrote Twisted Fates I was only 16. I’ve really grown as a writer and even as a reader since then and my style has changed so much. Back then I did work a lot on the plot of this book but I left a lot of plot holes and looking back now I can really see that the plot is weak. I’m doing a lot more work now on the plot and trying to strengthen it. Already I’ve made huge changes and really swapped around the ideas to try and make a story that is exciting to readers and can lead on into more books!

This is probably the hardest part right now. When I first wrote this story, I was so proud of the plot I created so now seeing that it isn’t great and needs to be changed is hard. I think this will take a lot of work but the changes I’ve made have already improved the story.

If you’re going as far as to re-envision a story just work hard on your plot. Work out the weaknesses and take the time to figure them out.

Take Yo’ Time:

So far I have really learnt that this process takes time and patience. I’ve rewritten the opening scene about five times already. I continuously reexamine the plot and work on the characters. I’m allowing myself a lot more time to work on this story and develop everything so that once I begin to really write, I know what to write. Take your time with this process, be patient with your writing and with yourself. This is a massive undertaking, rewriting a book from scratch, but we can totally do it!

I’m going to try and do some follow up posts about this process and keep you guys updated on how my start fresh manuscript is going! It’s going to take a lot of work but I can already see that it was the right decision.


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