The Final Dash – Finishing The Witches of Belle River


I’ve set a date! July 1, 2019. The day that The Witches of Belle River (draft 1) will be completed.

Writing a book is hard, there’s a lot of different components to it and one of those is deadlines. I’ve been hacking away at this story since late 2016, painstakingly unravelling this plot until it even resembles an actual story, and realistically, I could probably continue to plod along but it’s time to set a date and work towards it.

I haven’t always found deadlines easy to set, and they’re even harder to keep, but I’m at a point in this novel where I can actually see the finish line and I don’t think it’s unrealistic for me to be able to complete it by July 1.

The novel is in the final part, act three. Things are heating up and also winding down. I think the biggest secret to setting this deadline, and feeling confident in it, is that I wrote the ending of The Witches of Belle River which has given me a clear guideline.

This time is so exciting. From today, Wednesday the 22nd of May, I have 40 days to finish The Witches of Belle River. It’s a goal I’m determined to beat.

If you’d like to keep up with me on this journey, head over to my Instagram @amywritesxo.

I may be a little absent on the blog until July 1, but I’m always on Instagram and would love you to follow along with me as I finally *FINALLY* finish my beloved book. These characters mean the world to me and I’m so so sure that they will reach an audience and connect with people as they’ve connected with me!

Amy xo

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