Twisted Fates Aesthetic: Alekzander ‘Zander’ Perditus.


Posting a little aesthetic collage for my favourite character Alekzander Perditus. This collage really highlights a lot about the layers of his character. 

Alekzander is a character from my novel Twisted Fates! Zander is estranged from his parents and has a very strained relationship with his father, who to be honest is not a very nice person.

For eight years he lived in a farming town called Emmervale. Emmervale has the only university in the North. When he was eight, he left to live with his uncle Benjamin in Loremette. He enjoys the quietness of Loremette, it allows him room to think and breath. He also loves that Benjamin doesn’t smother him. He cares about Zander in the way a father should.

Despite medicine, Zander is often prone to bouts of illness that leave him weakened and sick. This is further explained in the book of course!
His relationship with Elle is something that frightens him greatly because he feels he’s undeserving of someone so kind and warm where he is only cold and empty.
Zander is often torn between fear and courage. He fears his own happiness but also craves it.

I really enjoy Zander because he is a complex character. There are lots of layers to his personality that I am really excited to explore. I think that is an important thing when writing a character. You have to create someone who is multidimensional so that your reader can find them interesting but also so you feel interested in them too! Developing and getting to know a character is unbelieveably fun.

Zander is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever written. One thing I love about him is his conflict. He’s a character I’m so proud of and his journey is only just beginning.

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