Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2018


On October 23rd, I’m going to be catching a plane from Australia to Bali! I never thought I’d be heading to Bali this year but when the opportunity to go to the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival came up, I jumped at the chance.

The Festival, in its 15th year of running, is located in Ubud, a little way outside of Denpasar and calls itself ‘an annual pilgrimage for lovers of literature and conversation’.

To say I am excited is an understatement.

Not only does the setting of Ubud look gorgeous and inspiring, but the festival’s lineup is filled with some amazing creators, including Isobelle Carmody and Clementine Ford, along with others from across the globe.

I’m so excited to spend this time surrounded by gorgeous nature and inquisitive minds. It will be a very fulfilling time. I know that hearing other writers talk really opens me up to inspiration and I am hoping that the time spent in another country, out of my comfort zone, will push me to write more.

What I’m looking forward to most from this trip is to refill my creative well and spend time making connections in the writing community. I’m also pretty pumped to do some of the amazing outdoor activities that Ubud has on offer. And of course get some writing done, TWOBR still needs to be finished!

Although I won’t be actively blogging my time spent at the festival, I will certainly be uploading a post once I’m home to reflect on the experience and share it with you all.

I know that for many people, travelling overseas for something like this is not possible, but don’t forget that many amazing writers festivals are held in Australia as well and these festivals are aimed at inspiring writers to write, connect and grow in their abilities. Here’s a LINK to a list of Australian writers festivals! 

I’m also linking the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival website, for anyone interested! CLICK HERE!

Happy writing!

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