Writer’s Desk: Rewriting Diaries One


When I decided that I would completely rewrite my novel Twisted Fates, I felt a little sick. I know 100% that it is the right decision but I also know it is going to be a massive undertaking. Writing a book is always a big undertaking.

Looking back over the novel I wrote at 16, I can easily see what needs to change. I was told that the original chapter one wasn’t a great introduction to the story and I had never worked out how to fix it until now.

My plan is to begin the story in a completely different time and place. This will help me build context and foreshadow some future plot points. So far this decision has been a good one. I’m introducing the big bad in the opening chapter. This will allow me room to set up the plot from chapter one and really hook the reader.

I’m also trying to work on the plot, and this is probably the hardest part. Although I loved the original plot when I was 16 (I thought I was a genius), 21-year-old me realises it was a pretty weak plot.

Working on plot is hard. There are so many different places this story could go and trying to work out the shape of it is a challenge. I have a few ideas down and I’m, using my favourite website Realtime Board to work out the kinks. I think when I plot I need to remind myself to take my time and that it’s OK if the story ends up diverging from the original plot ideas. This happens and often it makes for a better story.

If you want to know more about Realtime board, HERE is a link to the Writer’s Little Helper where I chat about it!

My real goal now is to stay motivated and get stuff done. I’ve been allowing my fear of failure to rule my creativity and that has to stop. Keeping yourself motivated to achieve your goals can be hard but in the long run, it’s going to be worthwhile. So here’s to the continued writing of Twisted Fates V.2!

Word Count 27/3/18: 587 words.

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