Writer’s Desk: Rewriting Diaries Two


I thought I would post an update about my Twisted Fates rewrite. I hope these posts are interesting for people! I know that for me, I really appreciate hearing about peoples processes so these types of posts are fascinating.

After a semester of university, I had to put a lot of my writing goals on the backburner. I’m now trying to get back on track with writing and really work on my rewrite and my new piece The Witches of Belle River.

I listened to V.E Schwab’s Tolkien lecture (I also wrote a post about this, LINK HERE!) and was really fascinated by her working method which is why my new approach is to do some full-on worldbuilding. I think world building is so so important for Fantasy novels. It gives so much more depth and understanding to a book which I really appreciate. I have already done a little work, of course, but after listening to Schwab talk, I really want to develop it further.

At the moment I have a map, and to be honest, I’m pretty proud of the map, but there is certainly more work to be done and I think that having a stronger background to my world will help strengthen the plot as well. I want to look at things like language, food, basic cultural stuff that we have in our world. Who is famous? What books shaped the nation? What do people do for fun? I think that knowing these things, even if I never mention them in the novel, will give me a better understanding of the story.

Worldbuilding is such a fun part of novel writing. I really think that bringing my rewriting back to the simple stuff, (re: worldbuilding, characters and plot) will help me actually write the second draft.

In my next post, where I will hopefully update you on all the worldbuilding I’ve done (here’s hoping), I will also include a picture of my Twisted Fates map!

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