Writer’s Desk: The Witches of Belle River, Chapter One.


I want to share an excerpt from my current WIP, The Witches of Belle River (or TWOBR if I’m feeling lazy).

This book is my darling child at the moment and holds a lot of potential and possibility in its word doc. I’ve been working so hard on this novel and I’m really happy with some recent changes I’ve made.

Sometimes when writing we can really get stuck on small things, for me, that is the first chapter of this story. I received feedback in one of my uni classes about needing a stronger first chapter. It really stuck with me and although I really loved my original first chapter, the fact I couldn’t get over this comment made me think it was definitely something I needed to look at again. So I decided to take on the advice and kill my darlings, or just move my darlings all around.

It took a number of tries but I finally feel like I’ve found a really strong order that will help me build the story a lot more.

So here’s a little sneaky-peek at it.


I really wanted to work on atmosphere and making a really rich world through my choice of descriptions. This first chapter goes on to introduce three characters and really sets the scene for the whole story. I will come back to this chapter when I’ve finished the novel. I really intertwine some more foreshadowing to add more intrigue for readers.

I’m so happy with how this turned out. It has really re-lit my passion for this story because I now am confident I have a solid start. Who knows, in a few months it could be different again but for now I’m on to writing chapter eight! Wish me luck.

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