Writer’s Little Helper: Realtime Board.


Writer’s Little Helper is my way of sharing great websites and ideas to help other writers. It always had a pretty positive reception on my Tumblr account (amywritesxo.tumblr.com) so I thought I would bring it over here too.

Realtime Board is my ultimate writing friend. If you asked any of my friends they would confirm that I am very much obsessed with this website. You can find an older post about this site over at my Tumblr. I’ve been using it for about two years (that Tumblr post is dated 2015!) and I have never looked back.

Realtime Board is an online whiteboard that allows you to create a space for all your story ideas. I am prone to writing things down in multiple notebooks and then losing track of everything. RTB has put an end to that struggle.

It’s so easy to use. You can drag photos and links into the page and they automatically load! You can colour text, link items together and move things around as you need to. Even better, you can add other people on to your board! Got a co-writer? Share a board with them and collaborate in the easiest way possible! Share it with your friends for feedback, do whatever you want, the website is yours to take advantage of.


I love being able to see all my ideas spread out in front of me. It’s so easy to move ideas around, add stuff, change stuff or delete stuff. There’s heaps of space to play around. I love being able to link ideas and keep everything clear and concise.

My Realtime Board is filled with photos of characters, setting and inspiration. I have family trees, the book plot, plots for future books and heaps of other stuff. It’s been so helpful in developing characters because I can have photographs of what the character would look like and heaps of information on who they are and what they like.

Another awesome thing about RTB is that you can get it on your phone too! There is no need to stress about getting an idea while you’re without your laptop!

I can’t even recommend this site more! I absolutely swear by it. It has saved me many headaches and has changed the way I write. If you want to keep your writing ideas all in one place, do yourself a favour and give Realtime Board a shot.

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