Writers Should Travel


Travel is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

I went on my gap year trip in 2015 thinking it would be just a fun and relaxing holiday to celebrate finishing year twelve. I had no idea that my England and Europe adventure would change me in such astounding ways.

Travelling is important for everyone, I firmly believe that. Discovering new countries and cultures opens you up to a whole new understanding of the world. When we immerse ourselves in these foreign places and not only observe but also take part in life, we are learning more; growing personally and culturally and etching away at our comfort and ignorance.

I’m only twenty but I’ve been lucky enough to have already had some amazing chances to travel.

I went to Thailand, where I ate a cricket, had a random conversation about pubic hair and organised a breakfast for a retirement village. I’ve been to England, where I reconnected with relatives, walked through cemeteries and saw a theatre production of Jane Eyre! In Europe, I went on a Contiki trip and experienced some of the countries I’d dreamt of going to.

This all sounds fun and easy going, and really it was, but it I also walked away from all of those trips a changed person. When I got back from my trip to England and Europe, I felt more confident. I was filled with new energy to tackle my writing projects. I also had the courage and determination to apply for university, despite my earlier hesitations.

As a writer, I had new experiences and memories to draw on for inspiration. I was filled with so much more motivation to write and focus on my goals. Walking through cemeteries in England, swimming in Thailand, walking through the forests of Switzerland. All of these experiences have stayed with me and fuelled my inspiration.

I also find people watching overseas to be so fun and inspiring. The different people you meet and interact with day to day is always so different. I always like people watching but doing it overseas opens you up to more variety of people, mannerisms and descriptions.

I’m certain that my next trip will inspire me and reignite my passion and confidence. I’m packing a notebook and will have Evernote close at hand in case I get a little down time to write.

So travel. Travel when you can, to where you can. If it’s interstate or across the country, get yourself into a new situation and explore it!

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