AmyWrites: Novel Journal Five!

A brand new post about my novel journal! So in love with it. I add more and more to it every day and it’s been a helpful tool to have! I hope these posts inspire some of you to start journaling!



AmyWrites: Novel Journal Three!


Another quick little journal entry post! The above post is a journal entry. I use these pages as a chance to find inspiration in daily life. Although this page is mostly just things that went on during the month. I binge watched How To Get Away With Murder in April and loved it! I found the characters really interesting and the story was really well done. A very good TV show to watch if you’re a writer! (more…)

AmyWrites: Novel Journal


Hello, darling readers! Today I want to post about my Novel journal that I’ve been working on for my University Novel 2 class. This class is all about completing a manuscript and our teacher has been incredibly motivating. One of her ideas was to keep a journal throughout the year that can allow us to jot down notes and thoughts about our lives and our novel! (more…)